When I saw this video on Youtube my first thought was ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod!

This Nissan Sunny B13 commercial of the early 90s is having a really badly sung German-like song (probably by a Japanese woman) and a Japanese man dressed up as a German hunter praising it. Lucky enough they did not go for the over the top Bavarian look!

And the things I could make of the German lyrics of the song was: “Ich bin zu frieden” (I’m content), “Und mochte nichts mehr haben” (And don’t need anything else) and “ist dies falsch über alles?” (is this wrong about everything?). I couldn’t make much more of it, but the “zu frieden”, “mehr haben” and “über alles” are the keywords of this advertisement. Nissan Sunny über alles?

How bad can it get?

Please don’t mind the misspellings in German or a bad translation from my side: German is not my mother tongue.