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My Carina: Toyota T series engine repair manual

Another thing received for the 2T-B upgrade:
Toyota T series repair manual
Toyota T series repair manual

I was lucky enough the seller of this manual was not aware of how scarce the T series engine repair manual is! She was selling a lot of manuals for American cars, I placed a low bid and she probably thought she was doing a great deal! Lucky! ?(´?`)/

Toyota T series repair manual
Toyota T series repair manual

The manual describes how to rebuild the whole engine, including all types of T series carburettors!

Toyota T series repair manual
Toyota T series repair manual

It also describes how everything should be set up…

Toyota T series repair manual
Toyota T series repair manual

And the most important thing: how to synchronize and tune the double carburettors of the 2TB! (???)


  1. XJS

    one of my kidneys for a scanned version? Hmmm?

  2. banpei

    Deal! :D
    Seriously: it may take some time to scan all those pages… Will take an attempt, but it probably won’t go quick.

  3. XJS

    :) Great! Let me know if you need any help with scanning :)

  4. JLCL

    If you consider to share it, don’t need to scan, it’s easier take pictures and then convert to a pdf file.
    good Luck.

    Lima Peru.

  5. amilcar

    Hello my friend… I got a Toyota KE70 WAGON 1986 DX with engine 4K 1.3L but that engine needs soon as possible a overhauling,, two weeks ago a friend sells to me a powerful 2T (OHV) 1.6 engine with a very rare A40 automatic transmission in excellent conditions.. Those parts came from an old Celica second generation 1981 coupe two doors… my plan is to overhaul the 2T engine fist, before transplant it to my KE70 chassis..

    I would appreciate if in some how you covert your 2t manual in to an electronic manual to share with us… I live in Panama (Latin America) and it’s so hard to find an old book car store…



  6. banpei

    Thanks for the reminder! :)
    I’m scanning them now and then: it is a quite time consuming operation… I managed to get somewhere around page 100. I still got to scan a lot of them, so hopefully I’ll finish scanning somewhere in the near future. :)

  7. DIego

    Hi i am Diego I from to Argentina.And I had loking for the t series manual for a long tim. but it is imposible to find it in pdf format to download from internet.
    If you scan this please send me the link to download it, bcause I need it so much.
    Thanks a lot.


  8. amilcar

    Tanks to you Banpei, for your time, scaning the book for all toyota lovers like us. we would apreciate a lot your time on it.. by the way hello DIEGO , it’s good to see , that other buddys of latin america take time to fix those legendary motors.. maybe in the future its posible to create a toyota club for fans in Latin America so ! VIVA la RAZA CARAJO!….

    regars and many tanks to you , good people.

  9. Anonymous

    Hello peopple, I.m Diego from Argentina Again, I would like to know if you have the service manual of 2T engine to download.

  10. rhum-rhum

    Hi all

    I’m rhum from France, The 2T engine manual repair is available to download ? If yes, what is the process ??

    1000 Thanks
    Best Regards


  11. Bradley

    Hi there. It would be awesome if you could convert this manual to a pdf :D Can’t find one anywhere and I’m looking to rebuild my motor. Thankyou!

  12. Thijs Dubelaar


    Ik ben ook bezig met het afstellen van 2T-B carbs.

    Is het mogelijk dat ik een kopie van deze manual van je krijg/koop ?
    Digitale of gewone kopie.

    Alvast bedankt.

    Thijs Dubelaar
    Vensestraat 12
    [email protected]

  13. Carlos

    Será possivel facultar o pdf deste manual?? desde já obrigado!!!

    [email protected]


    hello banpei, can you please send me a copy of the scanned version?

    my email is rufnek2k4(at)


  15. stevencychen

    hello banpei,I want to rebuild my T-type engine

    can you please send me a copy of the scanned version?

    my email is [email protected]

    Thank you

  16. Julius

    Hi Banpei,

    Good day.
    I would really appreciate if you send me a scanned copy of this manual.
    My email is [email protected].

    Thank you in advance.

  17. Looki

    Can u plz send me a scanned copy of this manual i really need it. .my email adress is: [email protected]

  18. Eufemio

    Hola nesetito saber si alguien sabe como encuentro piezas para carina voupe

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