Commercial time: Mazda RX2 Capella

Commercial time: Mazda RX2 Capella

It is commercial time again! ?(´??)?

This time a 1971 Japanese Mazda Capella RX2 advertisement:

Funny that the Japanese try to sell the RX2 by giving the impression that the Americans approve and love the car! I can’t read the name of the driver from his signature, but he says funny things like:
Well, that sure does look different!
At first I thought it was Pat Bedard, but both the time (Pat Bedard only started to have interest in the RX2 in 1972) and signature can’t be his…

Also puzzling: the driver tests the car and on 0:24 he starts to make a turn resulting in oversteer on 0:27. How would you explain that he is doing his test on a dragstrip and not a circuit? Personally I have never seen a dragstrip with a corner in it! ?(???;)

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