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Commercial time: Rockit on top of the 2014 Corolla GT-S AE86!

Just spotted this one on Jalopnik and thought it is well worth to share: the new 2014 USDM Corolla never get out of style and Toyota proves this with a commercial that shows you every decade is full of Corolla. For instance the 70s is full of KE35:
New USDM Corolla 2014!
And apparently the 80s is full of Herbie Hancock’s Rockit with a real fine USDM Corolla GT-S AE86 which got its front bumper periodically correct replaced by a kouki JDM item and a skate girl dancing on top of its roof… Did Toyota fail to find a genuine example? ;)

Anyway, here is the whole video: Continue reading

Commercial time: jumping Skyline Japan

I think I’ve posted up this fifth generation Skyline commercial before, but I’m not sure about it… What I’m positive about is that I never posted up the small Nissan Langley commercial after it!

This first generation Langley looks awfully similar to its bigger Skyline Japan brother!

Commercial time: Isuzu intelligence with NAVI5

Imagine the revolution Isuzu caused when they revealed the Navi5 back in 1985! A driving robot as this commercial calls it.

The idea was very simple: an automatic transmission that utilizes a dry single clutch, just like any other ordinary gearbox. The gear is selected by an ECU and shifts automatically to the ideal gear depending on the speed and revs of the engine. It also enables the (more) experienced driver to manually shift gears.

No wonder it was one of the 240 landmarks of the Japanese Automotive Technology of the 20th century!

Commercial time: Subaru Leone super sedan

Just like the new modern Subaru BRZ is an innovation for Subaru, back in the 80s Subaru’s 4WD technique was innovative and ground breaking. Subaru’s 4WD is just like a baseball bat: you aim for it and hit the apex at the right spot.

So of course they applied the 4WD package to all model lineups including the new Leone 2. Funny to see them now going back to 2WD…

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