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Commercial time: I love (Skyline) Japan

I did post all the Skyline Japan commercials a year ago, but that users videos were removed (due to copyright infringement). Lucky enough I found another account who posted up a max-and-match version of it (perhaps official Nissan material?) with the official I love Japan song:

Somehow these videos don’t look that old anymore. May it has to do with the fashion nowadays?

Found at [IKnowSkyline @ Youtube through Retro Classics[

Commercial time: all JDM Skyline commercials on DVD!

I saw this amazing video containing all Japanese Nissan Skyline commercials being announced a few weeks back on a Minkara blog:
Nissan Skyline Japanese commercials collection
Nissan Skyline Japanese commercials collection

This DVD covers almost all models: from the second generation (S50), third generation (C10 aka hakosuka), fourth (C110 aka Kenmeri) and up to the tenth generation (R34)!

I was able to find the DVD on Amazon Japan (?????? CM?????? [DVD]), but I haven’t seen it for sale elsewhere… Now if only the shipping costs from Japan weren’t that steep… :(

Commercial time: Nissan’s rally cars

The Violet from last monday made me think about its rally heritage. The Violet A10 was Nissan’s most successful rally car and the later models were powered by the LZ20 DOHC engine we know from the Nissan Super Silhouette Formula cars. Back in 1982 Nissan still appreciated their rally achievements and showed it with this TV advertisement:

The video starts with a the normal Gazelle S110 RS commercial, but shortly after that it shows the Nissan Violet A10 splashing through a big muddy pools and going sideways on the fourth Safari Rally. As a bonus it gets followed by another Gazelle S110 RS commercial! Probably they couldn’t get enough of that 4 valve FJ20E engine of theirs! Now that is appreciation! :)

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