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Commerical time: 1979 Mitsubishi Galant Sigma seats

I think Mitsubishi did an excellent comparison in this CM:

Benz, BMW, Mitsubishi Galant Sigma!

And I found another one:

Somehow during the late 70s and early 80s the Japanese had the impression that the best car seats should be as soft and fluffy as possible. I have no idea how these Galant Sigma seats actually sit, but I had the pleasure to sit in both those Benz and BMW seats in the past and they were actually very comfortable. I could not say the same about the 1990 Mitsubishi Colt seats I sat on during a 1600 kilometer vacation… My personal experience actually is that the harder the seats, the more comfortable they get on the longer distance travels.

Soft and fluffy seats? No thanks! 😉

Site updates!

As you may have noticed I made some minor site updates in the past few days!

Logo changed
I changed the logo to a bit more car related logo. The old logo showed a set of Celica Supra rims in a close-up but it wasn’t really clear immediately that you are on a car related site. Hopefully it is clearer this way. 😉

I opened up a Banpei Facebook fan page!
It will contain all updates from all blogs I write for and some other interesting links I encounter daily.

If you are not a fan yet, you can become one directly by clicking on the link in the fanbox:

Sidebar from left to right
I changed the sidebar back from left to right. It simply wasn’t working correct under all browsers and I wanted to be able to post content to Facebook. Facebook interpreted the left sidebar as the actual content. 🙁
So, if anyone still has problems with the display of the sidebar: please contact me!

Changed banners
I removed the banner from the sidebar. It freed up a bit of space there and the sidebar looks a lot better now! Instead of that banner I put up a big leaderboard at the top of the page. There is not much content yet, but there will be a lot more interesting content there as well.
Also if you wish to advertise there or any other place at my site: please contact me! 😉

Commercial time: Japanese Gran Turismo PSP commercial

I saw this video today on Jalopnik:

Apart from the fact that all the people on Youtube think they actually used a Countach and a Stingray (yeah right!), how can you advertise two vintage cars damaging each other on a track in a game that doesn’t even have a damage system? ?(???;)

Maybe the advertising agency already had this commercial made for Gran Turismo 5 and got fed up with the delays… Or maybe they want to give you the impression the game is cooler than it actually is… (´?`)y-~~

That brings me to the fact that I must admin I haven’t bought Gran Turismo for the PSP yet! Shame on me! But the problem is mainly that the sound of my PSP is broken (left some earphones in and travelled with it) and I still haven’t bought a new PSP ever since.

Commerical time: Nissan Sunny uber alles?

When I saw this video on Youtube my first thought was ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod!

This Nissan Sunny B13 commercial of the early 90s is having a really badly sung German-like song (probably by a Japanese woman) and a Japanese man dressed up as a German hunter praising it. Lucky enough they did not go for the over the top Bavarian look!

And the things I could make of the German lyrics of the song was: “Ich bin zu frieden” (I’m content), “Und mochte nichts mehr haben” (And don’t need anything else) and “ist dies falsch über alles?” (is this wrong about everything?). I couldn’t make much more of it, but the “zu frieden”, “mehr haben” and “über alles” are the keywords of this advertisement. Nissan Sunny über alles?

How bad can it get?

Please don’t mind the misspellings in German or a bad translation from my side: German is not my mother tongue.

Commerical time: Carina Jeune commercial

Brilliant! Someone uploaded the Toyota Carina SG Jeune commercial yesterday!

As you can see the girl sticks a Japanese Young Driver Mark on the Carina, hops two or three time of joy before pointing to the reverse backup warning system and the amount of lock you can have on this Carina! Also Sonny Chiba makes his cameo at the end of the commercial.

The Carina Jeune AA60 was available with this, back in the 80s, very sophisticated system:
Carina Jeune with a Reverse backup warning system
Carina Jeune with a Reverse backup warning system

The Jeune included four sensors in the rear bumper calculating the amount of space between the Carina and the car behind it. It showed on the warning sign, mounted on the rear shelve, in green, yellow and red how far you are from the obstacle behind you. Probably a very crude version of the systems we have nowadays!

The Jeune had, of course, also power steering and an automatic gearbox. So in other words: a very expensive edition of the Carina SG AA60 for those salarymen (Sonny Chiba?) who has to buy a car for his wife and daughter and doesn’t trust their driving skills at all!

Commercial time: Mazda RX2 Capella

It is commercial time again! ?(´??)?

This time a 1971 Japanese Mazda Capella RX2 advertisement:

Funny that the Japanese try to sell the RX2 by giving the impression that the Americans approve and love the car! I can’t read the name of the driver from his signature, but he says funny things like:
Well, that sure does look different!
At first I thought it was Pat Bedard, but both the time (Pat Bedard only started to have interest in the RX2 in 1972) and signature can’t be his…

Also puzzling: the driver tests the car and on 0:24 he starts to make a turn resulting in oversteer on 0:27. How would you explain that he is doing his test on a dragstrip and not a circuit? Personally I have never seen a dragstrip with a corner in it! ?(???;)

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