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Hilarious: Nissan Roox! Room to the Max!

Two days ago Nissan launched their new Kei car called the Roox. Basically it is the same old story of a shoebox size car on wheels. You may wonder how do they would actually sell such a thing! Well, this is the way to sell such a car in Japan:

Just show how big the car is by having a couple of kids (and a rabbit) dance inside it!

Damn catchy tune! I’ve already got it in my head after watching the commercial only three times! So if you still haven’t got enough of that tune and want to learn the dancing routine, watch this:

Both the car, the tune and the dancing reminds me a bit of all those daikoku futo dancers… Maybe that is the public they want to attract with this car. Somehow I can picture a Roox filled up with a bunch of speakers, neon and smoke machine! 😀

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  1. fury-s12

    i no it looks like alot of other cube kei cars and that stupid scion but dam that would look awesome VIP’d out

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