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My stonks are soaring baby! – Family Album Treasures

At the height of the Japanese bubble economy, everything was booming: stocks, assets and land value. You name it, it was almost doubling year-over-year (well, that’s a bit exaggerated), so once you had become Mr. Big, you had to show it. Buying a Soarer Z20 would definitely show you were big in Japan!

Toyota Soarer Z20 soaring in value!
Toyota Soarer Z20 soaring in value!

I can’t really tell whether this photo above is actually shot during the bubble era or it’s an homage to this era. The suit is the late 1980s/early 1990s, the mobile phone as well and so is the Toyota Soarer Z20. However, these rims actually feel more like the late 1990s and the camber as well. The photo is clearly shot with film, so if it were a homage, kudos to the photographer!


Hearty swapped Carina GT-TR with lots of love – Carina Sightings

Hearts and love surround this Toyota Carina GT-TR TA63. Let me explain to you why! I was split between posting this in Carina Sightings and Family Album Treasures, so I’ll post it in both.

First heart: the girlfriend

In this first photo, you can see a girl posing next to the Carina GT-TR. Her name is Kobayashi Koto (小林古都) and according to the ex-owner of this Carina in the 1990s she used to be a model in the 1980s. She was most famous for being the model featured on the 1987 Bridgestone calendar. We can only assume she used to be his girlfriend as she has her arm wrapped around him. Or at least, as much as we can see of him in that photo. She is clinging to him so much that she must have loved him very much. Unless he was in her friendzone…

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Soaring Toyota Soarer GZ10 Baby – Family Album Treasures

These two family album treasures prove a car doesn’t necessarily have to be the highest trim level to be cool! Seriously, I would have loved to have a cool dad with a Toyota Soarer like this baby!

Toyota Soarer VR GZ10 with a baby
Toyota Soarer VR GZ10 with a baby

According to the Minkara user, his dad bought this Soarer new before he was born. The Soarer is an early VR trim level, which means it is powered by the Toyota 1G-EU engine. There is absolutely no shame in that as the only other engine choices of the early Soarer were the 2.8 litre 5M-GEU and the turbocharged 2.0 litre M-TEU.

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The family Celica XX 2000G MA45 [Family Album Treasures]

A Celica XX, also better known as the Celica Supra in the USA, is the first attempt by Toyota to create a Gran Tourer out of the Celica. The Celica XX 2000G isn’t particularly a car with a lot of room in the back. So how could this be a Family Album Treaure?

A Celica XX 2000G MA45 for the whole family?
A Celica XX 2000G MA45 for the whole family?

I found this photo on Flickr and the caption was “Akita Japan – 1979”. What caught my interest in this photo was the size of the family. I wondered how five adults can fit in a second generation Celica? Well they simply don’t!

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Japanese car Family Album Treasures: [JDM Trivia #10]

JDM Trivia number 10: Japanese Car Family Album Treasures

As it is the tenth trivia I wanted to do a bit more light weight subject and not dive into the nerdy anorak topics like sidewipers or hachi roku panda paint schemes. Today will be about the photos you see in the background and I call them family album treasures. These photos could be sourced from anyones family album and that’s why I named them this way.
Family Album Treasures: My life, my skyline C210

Japanese car and person

These photos have two things in common: in the photo there is at least one Japanese car and person on it. There could be multiple cars, multiple people, or even whole families! And all of them are proud owners of their cars and like to pose in front of it. Or maybe next to it? Or maybe sitting inside the car? Or maybe sitting on its roof? Or maybe even posing like a hunter after you shot your R32 GTS-t into the guardrail? Continue reading

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