This Datsun Cherry 100A E10 on a set of KN Jupiter rims just happened to be somewhere in the background of a Dutch news clip. It happened in a flash and I had to replay the video twice to confirm it was indeed a 100A Cherry E10. It took me 5 minutes to figure out where it actually was located…
Datsun Cherry E10 on KN Jupiter rims inside an office building
The news clip featured a meeting room sign with the name The Louis. I googled for it and came across a shared office building called B. Building in the south-west of Amsterdam that featured a bookable meeting room with that name.

On that very same site I also found some photos of the foyer featuring the Datsun 100A standing on top of the entrance. That’s actually the photo I featured above. There is actually a link with the Datsun: the building used to be the Nissan European headquarters in Amsterdam and was later used by the clothing brand MEXX as it’s headquarters.

I found a video from 2017 about the office building with a couple of shots featuring the Datsun Cherry:

As you can see the Datsun 100A has been on flat tires since at least 2017! Naturally I ran the license plate against the Dutch registrations and it’s unknown. This means the car probably was destined for the scrappers (de-registering it) or it has been unregistered for more than 29 years as that’s when the Dutch DMV started to digitize their records.

I would love to go there some day and make some footage myself, but I’ve been a bit reluctant against that ever since the Covid-lockdown. So perhaps in a few months I may pay them a visit?