WTF: Nissan Pulsar N11 Sports-matic gear shifter

June 6, 2013 in WTF, wtf

I accidentally posted this as a blog post earlier this week while it was meant as a linkdump saved as a draft. Probably I pressed the publish button instead of draft…

Anyway, I had a bit WTF when I spotted the automatic gearshift lever in this picture:
WTF Nissan Pulsar N11
Taken from the brochure of the N11 Pulsar (aka the Datsun/Nissan Cherry here in Europe) and it states something about this being a Sports-matic mechanical auto gearbox with an electro magnetically operated clutch. You are supposed to put it in L for the first (low gear), then D for drive (up to 80km/h) as the second gear and OD (overdrive) for the top gear. Do you still get it? I don’t and that’s probably also the reason this ingenious gearshifter never made it past the N11 Pulsar. 😉

This is what the N11 Pulsar looks like as a coupe: Read the rest of this entry →

Friday video: junkyard car crashes

November 18, 2011 in video

Where do stuntmen come from? Well apparently in the Netherlands they first work on a local junkyard for a couple of years!
Krimson37 taped a bunch of the crashes he made in 1992 and I picked out two involving destruction of J-tin.
Small warning in case you understand Dutch: be prepared for some foul language…

First of all a bright yellow Cherry F10 gets vandalized:

Also at 3:25 you can see a crushed first generation Honda Accord while the camera zooms in… When the guy enters the Cherry he is surprised that it even features a rev-counter.

The second video features a first generation Toyota Carina TA14 seeing some Seibu Keisatsu action:

Such a shame…

Direct links to videos:
Yellow Cherry F10
Carina TA14

WTF: Japanese cars in the Red Light District!

October 22, 2011 in WTF

I visited Amsterdam earlier this week and while waiting for my train on the Central Station this Amsterdam tourist postcard caught my eye:
Japanese cars in the Red Light District
Yes indeed: a third generation Mitsubishi Galant, a Nissan Sunny N13 (Pulsar N13 was sold here as the Sunny) and a Datsun Cherry N11 (Pulsar) and ehrm…somthing in the background. 😉

Somehow I knew in the back of my mind it was bad that I spotted these Japanese cars first and a second later the five brightly lit red windows behind them… And I know: it is also a really bad thing to admit… 🙁

Anyway, I just had to buy this postcard as proof and what unfortunate soul should I send it to? Any volunteers that wish to receive greetings from Holland? Or should I just send it to Japanese Nostalgic Car and see if they can appreciate it as much as I did? 🙂

JAF2011: Finally some celluloid photos! (part 2)

June 10, 2011 in jaf2011

In total there were three AE86s on the paddock. Yesterday I already posted the purple Corolla AE86 with the BEAMS 3S-GE conversion, so how about this red Corolla AE86 with some deep dished SSR dori-dori rims?

His Corolla Levin AE86 started its life as a Swiss red panda Corolla GT and slowly he migrated it to a driftstyle hachi.
Oldskulls Corolla (Levin) AE86 @JAF2011
Oldskulls Corolla (Levin) AE86 @JAF2011

He actually downgraded its looks by removing the Vertex bumpers. Personally I like it much better with the stock bumpers back on again: mimics the grassroots JDM driftstyle much better!
BTW: The photo was a bit of over exposed on the left due to inserting the film.

The hachi is owned by my friend Oldskull and I still think it is amazing what he does to it! The SSR Dori-doris are just a small example how great you can make a hachi look!
Oldskulls deep dish SSR Dori-dori rims @JAF2011
Oldskulls deep dish SSR Dori-dori rims @JAF2011

To shoot this photo I had to lay down on my knees and I almost knocked over another photographer.

After a while the free runs were due and a long line of cars were anxiously waiting to make some rounds:
Long line of cars waiting for tracktime @JAF2011
Long line of cars waiting for tracktime @JAF2011

The lineup mainly consisted of Skylines, Silvias, Lancers, Integras and Civics…

Another eye catcher was this immaculate Cherry F-II at the Dutch Nissan club:
Immaculate Cherry F-II F10 @JAF2011
Immaculate Cherry F-II F10 @JAF2011

It featured some vintage 80s 15 or 16 inch wheels that looked a lot like the Borbet rims.

It also featured an oldskool chin spoiler with a vintage Datsun racing badge on it:
Vintage Datsun racing badge on a Cherry F-II F10 @JAF2011
Vintage Datsun racing badge on a Cherry F-II F10 @JAF2011

One of the best things I’ve seen at the JAF!

And also a Heartbreaker for Japan sticker:
Heartbreaker for Japan sticker on a Cherry F-II F10 @JAF2011
Heartbreaker for Japan sticker on a Cherry F-II F10 @JAF2011

Even though this Cherry is a FWD it was by far one of the most impressive cars on the paddock!

Stay tuned for more photos on an even more impressive Nissan in the next part!

Ying and Yang Datsun Cherry F10

May 19, 2009 in Nissan

Yesterday Japanese Nostalgic Car posted pictures of the Z-Car Club of Inland Valley Show in Temecula. Even though the name implies that it was a Z-Car only meeting, there were actually quite a lot of non Z-Cars at the meeting!

The most spectacular of them was this double frontend Datsun Cherry F10:
Double frontend Datsun Cherry F10
Double frontend Datsun Cherry F10

The two 1977 Cherry F10s were welded together by Fram to show how important car maintenance is: one half did get its proper treatment while the other half was neglected. The car was driven 20000 miles per year and after 75000 miles the neglected side really performed worse, got a bad MPG and produced more smog.
Double frontend Datsun Cherry F10
Double frontend Datsun Cherry F10

After they had proven their point the whole car got neglected until Steve Jasik found it more than 10 years ago parked next to a church.

The funny thing is that the lights in the grille serve as brake lights to make it road legal. So you can actually drive this car on the road without any problems at all!

He called the car Ying and Yang. According to Wikipedia: Ying and Yang is used to describe how seemingly disjunct or opposing forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, giving rise to each other in turn. I think the name suits the car very well!

Scrapyard drawings on Flickr

May 4, 2009 in toyota celica

I came across these great drawings by reallyloud on Flickr:
Scrapped green Datsun Sunny 120Y
Scrapped green Datsun Sunny 120Y

Most of his drawings are done during the 90s and made available through his flickr sets. This Celica is done really fantastic:
Rusted Toyota Celica TA22
Rusted Toyota Celica TA22

Also most of his other drawings consist of piles of cars and it is some how a bit of a game to recognize them all!

And this drawing of a Datsun 100a really reminds me of the red Cherry my stepdad used to own in the early 80s:
Deteriorated Datsun Cherry 100a
Deteriorated Datsun Cherry 100a

You can find the whole set here:
Scrapyard drawings on Flickr
It mostly contains Japanese tin, but you can see some British metal (rust?) in there as well.