I received a huge stack of Mitsubishi brochures, and this time they come from the Dutch dealerships!
Unboxing Dutch Mitsubishi brochures from the 80s and 90s!

Most of the brochures are from the 80s and early 90s, including the Cordia and the Starion. But I also couldn’t resist getting that late 90s Galant that I love soooooo much. Watch the unboxing below:

Yes I’m a sucker for the Galant VR4 in any Gran Turismo game that has it. ;)

Mitsubishi brochures

The total amount of brochures is 19, which is a lot. It didn’t cost me an arm and a leg as I got this as one big lot for only a few bucks. What was mostly killing me was the postage for this big pile of paper.

I’ve created a gallery of all these Mitsubishi brochure covers, so enjoy the 80s and 90s Mitsubishi cover art!

The complete list chronologically:

    • Mitsubishi Lancer F October 1982
      Mitsubishi Cordia brochure January 1985
      Mitsubishi Cordia GSR Styling brochure January 1985
      Mitsubishi Lancer September 1985
      Mitsubishi Galant brochure August 1986
      Mitsubishi Colt brochure May 1987
      Mitsubishi Lancer brochure May 1987
      Mitsubishi Starion brochure September 1987
      Mitsubishi Galant brochure February 1988
      Mitsubishi Colt brochure March 1988
      Mitsubishi Colt brochure December 1989
      Diamond Shop accessories brochure 1989
      Mitsubishi Galant brochure March 1990
      Mitsubishi Galant brochure November 1990
      Mitsubishi Galant brochure December 1990
      Mitsubishi Colt brochure August 1991
      Mitsubishi Galant brochure April 1993
      Mitsubishi Galant brochure April 1993
      Mitsubishi Galant brochure February 1999
  • It is hard to pick a favorite from this list, but I’m a sucker for the Mitsubishi Starion widebody. There used to be a Mitsubishi Starion parked opposite of the house I lived in 10 years ago. I really enjoyed waking up every day, opening the windows and seeing it was still there. It occasionally drove, but then it became stationary for a very long time. One day two men arrived, one started the car and the other handed over the cash. That was it and it was gone…

    Anyway, the brochures feature will change soon. Stay tuned for one of these brochures to be featured in that!