In this video we have an Initial D sticker applied to a Ford Ka. Would this make it an Initial Ka?
Initial Ka: initial d sticker plus Ford Ka
Sunday is always a special day. That’s the day when you go out, take a long hike in the woods and eventually end up where most people go to after a long day out: a small local restaurant. Last Sunday I ended up doing exactly what I just described.

In the parking lot of the restaurant a small sticker drew my attention: an Initial D sticker! The sticker looked old and worn, but unmistakably it was an Initial D sticker! What was worse: it had been attached on the bootlid of a Ford Ka, delivering at least an additional 10 horses!

Watch my interpretation below:

The sticker looks really old and worn. It clearly isn’t a high quality sticker, so probably it was a knock off sticker. We all know these stickers actually don’t make the extra 10 horses, and let’s be honest: does it really suit a Ford Ka? And I really wonder who applied this sticker to a Ford Ka. Was it a (practical) joke? Or has it been someone who loved Initial D to the bone and then upgraded to a more fancy car? Anyone recognizes this car/sticker?

I’m also thinking about the Initial Ka design: I really found the design nicely done. The Ka logo suits the design of the Initial D logo in red. Perhaps I should do something with that? Making stickers with the Ka logo? Or a t-shirt with the outlines of a Ford Ka in it? Maybe with a good punch line with something related to a tofu delivery vehicle?

  • Initial Ka: tofu fusion delivery! (hope you get the pun with the Ford Fusion there)
  • “If it has all four tires and gets you from point A to point B then it’s a car” – Takumi Fujiwara
  • “Looks like your ordinary piece of crap from the outside, but whoever’s behind the wheel is a demon.” – Keisuke Takashi

Let me know in the comments below if that is an idea you would support!