I found this shabby Infiniti G20 parked next to my hotel in San Mateo, California.
Shabby Infiniti G20
Its paint has eroded by the Californian sun and the interior looked quite worn. Not only was the paint peeling off, someone did a very dodgy job covering this up by adding a black layer of matte paint. Basically converting it to a two-tone scheme. The G20 was covered in pine needles, indicating that it has been standing there for some time. Well, at least after September 2015 according to Google Streetview.

The Infiniti G20 was basically what everybody outside the US calls a Nissan Primera P10. The Primera was actually targeted for the European market but sold in the US as “Born in Japan. Educated in Europe. Now Available in America.”. The big difference between the Primera and the G20 was the choice of engines: outside the US the smaller less powerful engines dominated with an optional SR20DE on the GT and ZX model. However in the US the choice was limited to the 140 hp SR20DE alone.

Is it worth saving this G20 then? Well in Europe we try to save the GT models, but in the US this is hardly a rare vehicle. So I would say no.

I know: I’m terribly sorry not to have posted updates to my blog. I’ve been a busy boy in many ways, and had different priorities than cross posting from Youtube to the blog. That’s until I realized I already missed 12 videos, so without further ado: let’s catch up!

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