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Toyota Carina wind deflectors [Yahoo Auctions]

Earlier this week I spotted a set of original Toyota Carina wind deflectors for sale in an auction:
Toyota Carina wind deflectors
They are interesting for me as these deflectors change the airflow around the windows and if you open your windows only an inch the air will be sucked from your car instead of having a big turbulence creating a racket of noise.

The deflectors weren’t entirely new and one of the rear deflectors even had a part missing:
Toyota Carina wind deflectors
I placed a bid of 2000 yen (about 18 US dollars) on it (and some additional stuff that the guy had for sale) and expecting to get it for a decent price. Last night at 2:00AM I lost the auction to two sniper bidders who were bidding against each other. Can you guess what the price ended up at?

Auction gone through the roof!
A hefty 15500 yen! That is 140 US dollars for a set of broken plastic!

Toyota Carina wind deflectors
Probably in a year or so I will regret not outbidding but for now I think the auction is overpriced…
At least I was lucky enough to win a bid on the scruffy and incomplete mudflaps (I own a set of the rear ones) and unfortunately I have been over bid on a Cruise Computer (4000 yen at this moment of writing) that he was selling.


  1. gred

    i had these on one of my previous skodas,aftermarket,was pretty good…i thinking about getting them for sunny too for a while now haha

    • banpei

      Yes they work really well. But it is still a novelty for the Carina as I only drive it occasionally.

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