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Rusty pair of Mazda Cosmo 110S [Japanese Rustoseums]

The sight of a rust Mazda Cosmo 110S is a sad sight, but seeing a pair rust together is even sadder:
Rusty pair of Mazda Cosmo 110S [Japanese Rustoseums]
The better looking one of the pair appears to be the short wheelbase L10A.

The other one seems to be similar in length but I can’t tell for sure if it also is another early type or if it is the more common series II:
Rusty pair of Mazda Cosmo 110S [Japanese Rustoseums]
On the second one the roof has collapsed and the first one seems to be the victim of some sort of explosion. Both cars appear to be beyond repair and it really is a sad sight to see two Mazda Cosmo 110S rusting away.

Via Kariagekun


  1. MDSurrey

    This is such a sad sight. A mint Cosmo was recently auctioned off for $120,000! Just goes to show how coveted the beauties are becoming.

    • banpei

      I agree and they are such rare cars. The problem is that even repairing these two rusty Cosmos will never justify the cost. For 120000 dollar you can do a lot and make it look like new, but as 90% of the car isn’t original anymore purists will never pay a lot of money for it. It is sad, but these two are doomed.

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