Today I spotted this 1966 Toyota Crown S40 for sale in the Dutch classifieds:
Classifieds treasures: Toyota Crown S40 cabriolet
What I really like about the car are the high mounted fender mirrors: exactly like they had them in Japan. Now I’ve seen some other S40 crowns with the exact same fender mirrors so I reckon they were standard like this.

Now it is a bit more special than being “just” another standard 1966 Toyota Crown S40 as it actually got its roof chopped off over the full lenght of the car:
Classifieds treasures: Toyota Crown S40 cabriolet
Yes it is indeed a cabriolet!

Classifieds treasures: Toyota Crown S40 cabriolet
I don’t have much info on this car as it has been suspended from road taxes and the licenseplate is unknown to the Dutch car registry. This generally means it has been suspended prior to their digitization somewhere in the 80s, which is consistent with the claim that the car has been in dry storage since 1979.

The owner wants to sell the car because he wants to thin out his collection. Apart from this car he also sells a Renault Estafette, so could there be more of these treasures in his collection or is it a random bunch?

You can find the classified here: Toyota Crown cabriolet