Yesterday I received some goodies from the US for my Toyota Carina TA60:
Toyota Carina camber plates
A set of camberplates and a full set of Prothane AE86 poly bushes.
I’ll trial fit the poly bushes to see which ones match and which ones don’t. I’ll probably end up with half the set used and some that don’t fit at all but at least this way I know which ones to hunt for somewhere else.

The camber plates are Toyota Corolla KE70/TE71 items:
Toyota Carina camber plates
And they do fit nicely!

Toyota Carina camber plates
Bolt pattern is 108mm between all three bolts (120 degrees) which is exactly the same as some Starlet KP60 and Corolla KE70/TE71 had.

Plan is to mount all this stuff somewhere near the end of April.