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Japanese Rustoseums: the Sinking Soarer

Part fourtythree of the Japanese Rustoseums already? It really is going fast this way…
Japanese Rustoseums: the sinking soarer
This Toyota Soarer GZ10 is slowly sinking away into the grass of the farmland. Or is it the other way around: the grass is slowly soaring above the Soarer?

And a small tree is growing besides the back of the car:
Japanese Rustoseums: the sinking soarer
Big dent in the front fender shows that this car has been well used. But the rust (seen at the bottom) is slowly catching up on it.

Japanese Rustoseums: the sinking soarer
The VR badge (non-turbo) on the trunk lid reveals that this is actually a GZ10 with the 1G-GEU engine. 2000VR spec was above the 2000VI and 2000VII but just below the more luxurious 2000VX which was, again, below the 2800GT and 2800GT-extra spec. (whatever that extra was supposed to be) So this was not the most but also not the least desirable of the Soarers…

Found at Minkara


  1. gred

    but it still have registration,it still could be driven…if its capable of drive anymore

    • banpei

      But you still need to get Shaken before you can actually drive it. ;)

      • kudu

        where is it located ? what country? :D

        • banpei

          Probably in Japan… ;)

        • gred

          japan…if it would be in cz i think i would went for a hunt:D

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