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Count the hachis!

No I’m not dead yet… Just a bit overloaded at work. Last week finished up a Dutch MySQL User Group meetup, preparations for my presentation at the Percona Live conference (subject Performance monitoring for MySQL) in April so there was little time to post here.

Anyway, today I found this beautiful picture posted by RGEris on AEU86:
Count the hachis on this Puerto Rican Toyota Cemetery
Can you count the number of hachis in this Puerto Rican Toyota cemetery?
(or should I say count the SR5s and GTS-es. ;) )

Via RGeris @ AEU86 and Profilik-one


  1. Jack O'Souka

    1,2,3, err, 4, 5….. I guess “lots”.
    Do I win a prize ?

    • banpei

      LOL! :D
      There is a prize: you win…. (insert drum roll here…) ….a bucket full of brown rust!
      Now where do you wish to have it shipped? :P

      • Jack O'Souka

        Thanks. I got plenty here though, you keep it…
        Loving the site !

        • banpei

          Thank you for the compliment. :)

  2. HachiRocker

    I’m going to guess 7

  3. RGeris

    Hey thats my post :).

    I’ll tell you guys the story. I found this picture online on Google Images. I used to play a racing game and met some guy from Puerto Rico. I still had him in my skype contacts i knew he liked AE86’s so i showed him this picture and asked him for fun: “Hey you know where this place is?” and he responded with: “OMG! Yes i know that place its in my street.” He told me he could get some parts for me aswell :).

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