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Wrecked: watch out for wannabe Takumis!

With the fresh new start of Stage 5 it kicks off with a fake Takumi and Keisuke (still have to watch the first episode fully…) it might be good to warn for all the real wannabe Takumis in the world that will start getting inspired again and try to do what you should not do at home kids:
Wrecked Initial D Tofu Special AE86 replica
Just like this Itsuki did half a year ago in the Utsunomiya prefecture…

Guess what they found inside this Tofu Special:
Wrecked Initial D Tofu Special AE86 replica
Yup, that’s Ryosuke Takahashi on the cover of one of the Initial D manga. Oh the irony…

If you haven’t seen Episode 1 yet, you can find the English subbed episode here:
Fifth Stage English subs

According to the report the driver of the Sprinter Trueno AE86 collided frontally with a newspaper truck when overtaking. So please keep it safe guys! ;)

Found at yutori2ch
(unfortunately the video on the accident doesn’t work anymore…)


  1. CarDoom

    Well then, people are really pulling Itsuki’s these days.

  2. HazelnutPi

    This is why you do dumb driving at night, where other car’s headlights let you know of imminent death.

  3. RandomCommenter

    I guess his Tofu is now Tofucked

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