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Wrecked: watch out for wannabe Takumis!

With the fresh new start of Stage 5┬áit kicks off with a fake Takumi and Keisuke (still have to watch the first episode fully…) it might be good to warn for all the real wannabe Takumis in the world that will start getting inspired again and try to do what you should not do at home kids:
Wrecked Initial D Tofu Special AE86 replica
Just like this Itsuki did half a year ago in the Utsunomiya prefecture…

Guess what they found inside this Tofu Special: Continue reading

Initial D Extra Stage 2 available

Today it’s exactly 9 years since Initial D Second Stage aired on Fuji TV! It made me think about that I read some time ago that Initial D Extra Stage 2 was coming soon. I totally forgot about it!! I went to the site of Avex Mode and saw it is for sale on 5th of december! :)

So, I dug a bit deeper and found out that it was announced to be aired on 3rd of october already. So that means I’ve missed it!!

Initial D Extra Stage 2 with Mako and Iketani in front of the Nissan Sil80

At least I got the trailer from the Avex Mode website:

Small spoiler: it features Mako and Sayuki again (and the Nissan Sil80), just like in the first Extra Stage, who will be racing a Black Altezza (probably a RS200). As you can see in the image above the video Iketani features this special and my best guess is that he goofs up again! This all should take place around the time that Takumi and Project D take on the Todou Juku racing school, so Mako and Sayuki should have improved their skills. ;)

A lot better to see the original flv than the resized versions on Youtube and Streetfire. ;)

Initital D Extreme Stage for PS3 posted that a new Initial D game called Extreme Stage is coming soon. posted the youtube trailer:

You can see the trailer in more detail here:

I took some screenshots:
AE86 Trueno inside interior shot
Look at the detail in the hand, the gearknob and steering wheel!

AE86 Trueno dash shot
And here how much detail there is in the dash! It is just about the same as I had in my Trueno (mine was LHD, so mirrored dash) and it iluminates just a tiny bit more than on full illumination.

AE86 Trueno in drift
And here you can see how much detail there is in the drift scenes!

As you can see it is much more detailed than the previous games (they show them to compare), especially the road and inboard graphics. The question is of course if this the actual quality, or if it is only the intro of the game… I suspect it is the latter… Otherwise it would have been a great tool for the animators of the Anime series!

If I would have owned a PS3 I would definitely buy it! Unfortunately I don’t own one and I probably won’t buy one in the near future… :(

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