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Goodies: 7Tune keyring

Yesterday the mailman dropped by and asked me to sign for a package. Obviously I was quite curious what it was and signed immediately (yes I could have sold my soul there…). The package was from Japan, so what could it be then?
7Tune Keyring
Turned out it was the 7Tune keyring I pre-ordered a couple of months back!

It looks great and it will be an excellent addition to my NGK sparkplug keyring I already have for my bike:
7Tune Keyring
So my carkeys will certainly now feature a dangling 7Tune logo!
Big thanks to the 7Tune guys to create beautiful things like this!

Just in case you want one as well, you can order them in the 7Tune store!


  1. Adam

    Hi mate! Glad to see the package made it your way safely – hope you enjoy it. The creative process took me ages but I think they turned out great!

    • banpei

      I’m enjoying it already a lot as it is holding the Carina’s keys currently. Unfortunately I haven’t driven the rina yet since, but I’ll make sure that gets changed soon.
      I can understand the cut-out 7 took some time, but it surely was worth it! :)

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