Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Family Album Treasures: Okinawa Skyline DR30 black special

Car? Check!
Sea? Check!
Beach? Check!
Scenic rocks? Check!
Pose in front of the camera? Check!
Okinawa Skyline DR30 black special
I guess this panoramic picture is the perfect photo for the family album!

It is so perfect that it has to be repeated once more with the wife:
Okinawa Skyline DR30 black special

Found at Minkara


  1. Nigel

    No old photo’s like this in my family album.
    (Just me and my wife, no cool cars).

    • banpei

      LOL! :D
      Yeah I know the feeling… It is just odd that so many people post up these type of photos on the interwebs. ;)

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