DOTS: Super Salooned Crown MS85

Spotting old J-tin on the streets is a big hobby of mine and most of the time I can see in a split second that there is some old Japanese car lurking around in a parkinglot. Imagine the surprise when I walked out of the office and found this good looking dark grey Toyota Crown Super Saloon parked across the street:
Toyota Crown Super Saloon Automatic MS85
At the same time I was talking to someone on the phone and no other camera on me. So I tried to break off the conversation as quickly as possible and take a few quick snapshots with the phonecam.

Here is another picture where I got up close:
Toyota Crown Super Saloon Automatic MS85
The 2600 on the grille means it is the 4M-E engine. The Crown was first time registered in mid 1979 meaning it was one of the last Crowns of the S80/S100 series.
I really wonder who would drive this land-yacht to my office! 😉