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JDM Trivia #5: Toyota Total Clean System

JDM Trivia #5: Toyota Total Clean System

First of all: Happy new year and all the best wishes for 2016!

Last weeks teaser was: What is this badge and what does TTC stand for?
Toyota Total Clean System
Some guesses were made and some people refrained from googling, but Rookie Tuner provided the correct answer: TTC is an acronym for Toyota Total Clean System.

Japanese Emission Regulations

Just like now in Shanghai and Milan some major cities in Japan during the 60s smog was getting really bad. The Japanese government responded with an emission regulations law in 1968 that would become active in January 1975. Toyota responded to this with the three versions of the Toyota Total Clean System and applied it to various car models. Toyota advertised the Toyota Crown S80 as pure, clean and serene. Almost as if you no longer have to feel guilty for pollution when you are driving a car. Continue reading

DOTS: Super Salooned Crown MS85

Spotting old J-tin on the streets is a big hobby of mine and most of the time I can see in a split second that there is some old Japanese car lurking around in a parkinglot. Imagine the surprise when I walked out of the office and found this good looking dark grey Toyota Crown Super Saloon parked across the street:
Toyota Crown Super Saloon Automatic MS85
At the same time I was talking to someone on the phone and no other camera on me. So I tried to break off the conversation as quickly as possible and take a few quick snapshots with the phonecam.

Here is another picture where I got up close: Continue reading

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