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Brilliant: best vintage bed imaginable!

This kyusha wheel collector seems to have found the best vintage bed imaginable!
Vintage wheel bed
He seems to have a favor for the TRD Tusco and TOM’s Igeta design. Maybe they are softer than others? ;)

Found at Minkara


  1. RafRA25

    Mr. Dodo Bautista and Mr. Tito Cruz of Auto Trixx (Philippines) were able to acquire 30 sets of TRD Tosco wheels (if I am not mistaken) and imported to the Philippines.

    Its amazing how people acquire these rims considering the price of it (a whole j-tin already). Here’s the pic:


    • banpei

      Whoa! An amazing picture, but that’s just too much for me! :D
      When I’m back from vacation I’ll definitely try to get in contact with them. :)

      • RafRA25

        no prob, just showing love from the philippines. Great site sir!

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