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Video Friday: amazing Shuto Expressway C1 side-by-side driving (1986 versus 2023)

Two weeks ago I posted a video of the stunts of Shuto Kosoku movie on the Shuto Expressway. A few days ago I came across a relatively new video by Kamepo: the Shuto Expressway C1 loop driven in 2023 synchronized with footage from 1986! I have been a long time subscriber of Kamepo’s videos and I’m sure I have posted a couple of his/her videos over the years.

Shuto Expressway C1 inner loop
Shuto Expressway C1 inner loop in red
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Vintage video: Akita cruise in a Skyline Japan

I really enjoyed this vintage video from 1983 taken from the backseat of a Skyline Japan C210. The Skyline cruises around the Akita prefecture where you can see a lot of old Japanese cars (back then quite new): a Skyline C110, a Bluebird 910 and a Suzuki Fronte SS40 to name a few. Also quite a few car dealerships and parking lots are passed by and you can actually see some secondhand cars lined up that are considered rare nowadays.

Vintage 1976 Nissan Skyline C110 brochure + posters

Just found this vintage 1976 Nissan Skyline GC110 brochure + posters in an auction on Ebay:
Nissan Skyline C110 brochure + posters
Nissan Skyline C110 brochure + posters

It does not only contain the GC110, but also posters of Ken and Meri, older Skylines (from 1957 onwards) and some racing cars(R380, R381 and the 50 victories by the Skyline!)

The Buy-me-now is right (39,95 AUD) but together with the shipping it is a bit steep… So if anyone wishes to give me a birthday present on the 16th, this is a good gift! ;)

You can find the auction here:
Vintage 1976 Nissan Skyline C110 brochure + posters
And hurry: the auction ends on the 11th of April!

32 year old vintage racing videos

One of the blogs I started following recently found these really great vintage racing videos shot at 29th of may 1977 at Tsubaka. That means they are 32 years + 4 days old and contain a huge amount of classic JDM tin doing laps on Tsubaka.

First of all this impressive TS cup:

A lot of good dogfights can be seen in this video! Next to the ubiquitous Nissan Sunny B310s you can spot several first generation Honda Civics, a Mazda RX3 Familia and I also spotted a Corolla TE37 among them!

The next video is the T-EX cup:

This cup contains about the same cars as the TS cup, but then all the drivers are amateurs. Also the cars are a bit less exciting: a Familia racing in that cup clearly isn’t a RX3 but a 808 Familia. Same probably applies to the ubiquitous Sunnys, Publicas and Corollas racing this cup. This video is the most fun to watch: driving on cheap tires makes them skid around the corners!

Last video is the womens race:

Too bad only four female drivers were competing, otherwise it would have been much more fun to watch! Now it is basically two chicks fighting and the other two coming up from behind…

I found the videos at Beeoneoneoh’s blog. If you liked these videos you probably also like his blog! :)

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