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Carina Sightings: Bafo’s lowered 1984 Carina

I was amazed by the looks of Bafo’s Carina TA60:
Bafo's Carina TA60
It has been lowered a bit and features what looks like Hayashi Street Target Mag wheels.

You can see more in the video:

The Carina appears to be Euro-spec and it has DX rear bench (without head rests) but the license plates are US, so I really wonder how this Carina ended up in the US. Perhaps Bafo can explain it a bit more? :P

Direct link to video: Bafo’s: Lowered 1984 Toyota Carina TA-60


  1. Edison (Bafo)

    Hello everyone.

    My carina is not at US. I’m in Panama, Republic of Panama.

    The wheels are from my brothers 1985 Mitsubishi Starion Turbo (OEM)

  2. Edison (Bafo)

    Hi Everyone.

    My car is not at U.S. I live in Panama, Republic of Panama. Carinas from all generations were sold here. I don´t really know what specs are (european, jdm, other country).

    The wheels are OEM´s 15×6.5 from my brother´s 1985 Mitsubishi Starion Turbo (you can see it parked, the red one).

    I´m really pleased to you for posting my video. I have some nice pics that I can share, if you tell me how.

    I`m in urgent need of te front corners. COuld anyone tell me where can I buy them. Here in my country, bodyparts for ta60´s are really hard to find, new or used.

    • banpei

      Thanks for sharing!
      I figured you were from the US as Youtube was stating that. Also the licenseplate has the same dimensions and looks as the US one, but then again: I’m from Europe where all plates look alike. ;)

    • Aaron

      Hey, Bafo amazing Carina, could you email me ([email protected]) So that I can ask you a few questions about the car? I need a hand with my own carina which is the same as this. thanks!

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