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Carina Sightings: Finnish Carina snowed in

Even though in most parts of Europe the winter comes to an end and spring is in the air the Finnish are still struggling with snow and frost.
Snowed in Carina CA60
While you can only enter this Carina CA60 from the rear entrance and it is completely snowed in it starts instantly. (video on the next page)

My Finnish is just as good as my Chinese, so can anyone able to speak the Finnish language explain what the heck they are talking about?

Direct link to video: Toyota Carina CA60 ‘8? Käynnistelyä


  1. Hapa

    Poor translate from Carina video.

    Basicly that thing has been laying there unused for few years, it’s a diesel and has 458.000km on the clock. They’re gonna try to start it up.
    He’s suprised, because the clutch is still working.

    When it starts, then they start to wonder how good is a japanese diesel engine.
    That lasts for a while.

    Then they are trying to find an exit hole of an exhaust pipe. Their conclusion is, that it might have more than one exit hole after few years of standing still :).

    They are saying lot of things, but 90% of it is pointless to translate.

  2. stefan

    They are firing up that Carina for the first time, it´s been standing on that spot for 2-3 years and it´s “mileage” is a respectable 458 000 km. Basically just lots of goofing around and celebrating the japanese wonder. In the end they are trying to locate that “lost” exhaustpipe, which they found in the end. :D

  3. banpei

    Thanks guys!
    458k on the odometer and standing still for a couple of years. It is indeed a wonder that it fired up on the first try! :D

  4. gob


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