Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Japanese Rustoseums (part thirty-two)

I have three words for this video: only in Japan…
Nissan Skyline KPGC10 rustoseum
So far I counted the following:
2 x Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86s
1 x Toyota Celica RA28
1 x Nissan Cefiro A31
2 x Nissan Skyline K(P)GC10
1 x Toyota Sprinter Trueno Black Limited
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You may think some people should be punished for leaving their cars rust away, but let’s get real: you can’t drive that number of nice cars on a regular basis…

Direct link to video: ???????????????????japan,car

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  1. rory

    well, two of them at least are for sale. I just hope they ALL go to a good home.

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