Back in 1983 the Group C races (prototypes) were the main event at the Fuji International Speedway with its smaller brother Group 5 (Super Silhouette) being the teaser for the big race. Not surprisingly the Group 5 cars were way more popular than the Group C as they were looking like the cars in real life. One of the exceptions to this was the Hasemi Skyline Group C endurance racer that looked awfully similar to its Group 5 counterpart:
Hasemi Skyline Group C
Same engine (570hp turbo charged LZ20b) but then with a lower, wider and more agressive looking bodywork! I would certainly pose in front of that as a little kid!

But why limit yourself to the Hasemi Skyline when there is also the Nissan Silvia March1:
Nichira march1
Does that look like a Silvia??

Or the Nissan Fairlady Group C?
Fairlady Group C
Actually the LM03C Fairlady Group C could hardly be called a Fairlady at all: it did have the same LZ20b engine as the Hasemi Skyline but the bodywork did not look like one at all. Even its chassis was built by Le Mans Co. and had nothing in common.

Anyway, I’d stuff these photos in my album any day!

Found at tigregal