Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Family Album Treasures: Meri sauvignon Skyline 2000GT

Now this is a blaze from the past! The origin of the kaido racers had its roots in copying the style used in the 70s and 80s Grand Championships on Fuji Speedway and its styling was called Grachan. Headlight covers, widened fenders, hood air ducts and pink/gold number on the door.
Jokers Yonmeri Skyline C110
Jokers Yonmeri Skyline C110

I love this little piece of comment in the original blog:
When people could not stand Yonmeri.
I would be proud of having made such an early adopter of the Grachan styling, so definitely something to keep in the family album!

Found at [Joker’s official blog]

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  1. rory

    I am LOVING the jokers blog you linked to. Amazing time period.

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