Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Irian Jaya: Skylining Skyline R31

During the decent from the hills around Jayapura I spotted this immaculate Nissan Skyline R31 parked next to a house with a beautiful skyline.
Double skyline
Double skyline

After almost thirty years it is still bone stock!

No badges or decals on the trunk or side so I can only make a rough guess what trim it could be…
Double skyline
Double skyline

I hope their Nasi Kuning is as great as the Skyline. ;)


  1. gred

    whats happening,why you dont doing updates on bosozokustyle now?

  2. banpei

    I was away on holiday, so I didn’t have time to post up stuff. Will start posting again soon. :P

  3. andi

    wow..i am so surprised. actually nissan skyline are never sold in here in indonesia. Nasi kuning/Yellow rice is traditional food originally from western java, but it also sold in irian jaya.

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