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Irian Jaya: Toyota Mark II

It may sound weird but this is the only X60/X70/X80/X90 I was able to photograph… I spotted many many on the roads around Jayapura but every time either the van or the car was driving too quick to photograph.

On our way from Jayapura to lake Sentani we drove behind a white Toyota Mark II and at some junction it finally took the other bend and I was finally able to make a proper photo of it.
Toyota Mark II
Toyota Mark II

Don’t get tricked by the exhaust: that’s the exhaust of a moped driving behind the Mark II. ;)

Irian Jaya: Corolla Levin AE92 racer

On our way to the magnificent view over Jayapura on the highest mountain in the neighborhood I spotted this Corolla Levin AE92:
Toyota Corolla Levin AE92
Toyota Corolla Levin AE92

Not the supercharged GT-Z model, but at least it has a 4AGE heart beating under that bonnet.
The huge 16 inch wheels with a thin tirewall look a bit out of place here: the road conditions around Jayapura are quite bad so I reckon they won’t survive long…

Irian Jaya: Mandala Motor

This photos was taken from the bus somewhere outside Jayapura when we passed Mandala Motor. I already spotted them a few times and they had a vast number of wheelporn in their workshop.
Mandala Motor
Mandala Motor

The convertible appears to be a VW bug that was modified with a Celica Z10 nose by Lipu…

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