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Irian Jaya: Toyota Mark II

It may sound weird but this is the only X60/X70/X80/X90 I was able to photograph… I spotted many many on the roads around Jayapura but every time either the van or the car was driving too quick to photograph.

On our way from Jayapura to lake Sentani we drove behind a white Toyota Mark II and at some junction it finally took the other bend and I was finally able to make a proper photo of it.
Toyota Mark II
Toyota Mark II

Don’t get tricked by the exhaust: that’s the exhaust of a moped driving behind the Mark II. ;)

Carina Sightings: find the Corona T120!

This hideous creation is actually a Corona T120!
Frankensteins Toyota Corona T120
Frankensteins Toyota Corona T120

At first I thought there was a Corolla KE70 hiding under that ill fitted front and backend, but after close inspection on encountering the very same car at the airport I concluded that it had to be a Corona T120.

As you can see these KE70 wind deflectors are ill fitted on the doors and the shape of the mid section of the bodywork distincts it from the KE70.
Frankensteins Toyota Corona T120
Frankensteins Toyota Corona T120

Can anyone guess what car was used as the donor of the frontend? :P

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