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SF Bay area: went to a drift event

I went to a drift event in the SF bay area last wednesday. I missed a grand meetup of hachis in Daly Vale on Monday, but Michael Kee told me there would be some more action on Infineon Raceway on Wednesday night: a drag/drift charity event for Japan. After the conference was over for the day I hopped into the car and made my route through 880, 580, 101, and 37 and arrived just in time when all the action was starting.

It was dark and freezing cold so I could not make any pictures with my phonecam, but I sure did shoot up three rolls of film! I’m positive there are some really nice pictures I can post up when they have been processed. So you will have to do with this nice hachi that stopped next to me after its driver didn’t make it to next round:
Corolla GTS drifter at Infineon Raceway
Corolla GTS drifter at Infineon Raceway

Apart from that there was a lot going on in the paddock. Inside the building I found a great looking Hellaflushed Roofracked and deepdished Honda Integra:
Hellaflushed roofracked deepdished Honda Integra
Hellaflushed roofracked deepdished Honda Integra

The car was an excellent example of this Californian style and I was very pleased to see it IRL. I also met the owner and gave him a Bosozoku Style sticker which he, hopefully, will put on the car next to all the other stickers…

His car was pretty stickerbombed where this sidewindow was still clear:
Stickerbombed Honda Integra
Stickerbombed Honda Integra

Apart from the modern cars there were also a few oldies. I’ll save them for next time!


  1. Derryl

    was hoping to meet you on monday night. glad you got to see some of the corollaness in norcal.

  2. banpei

    Thanks! A real shame I couldn’t make it on Monday. :(
    Well, hopefully my company will send me to the conference next year as well and I’ll be able to properly meet up! Didn’t mind the Infineon Raceway alternative though. ;)

  3. Derryl

    Yeah I would have been there but i have class in sf until 6:00 and by the time I got there it would have been well past 9:00 because of traffic. Glad you enjoyed it, til next time.

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