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Magazines: Carboy Magazine from may 1983

Carboy magazine has been known for its tuning specials and finding old issues really show some great and weird things! Now this old cover is interesting: Carboy Magazine showing with big letters on its cover “Goodbye 2T-G”!
Carboy Magazine may 1983
Carboy Magazine may 1983

Now what is that all about? From what I understand it speaks about TRD dropping support for the 2T-G engines. Probably in favor of the 3T-G(TE), 4AG(E) and 1G-G(TE) engines. Yeah, they were great engines too! :)

Found at monkiti1173


  1. Kid Karola

    Shouldn’t that be 1983? ;)

  2. banpei

    You got me there! :P
    Just corrected it.

  3. 73GTV

    Gee, I thought that I was the only person that also owns that magazine, plus June, July and August 1983 from my return tour at Kadena ABF, Okinawa Japan. Nice.

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