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Family Album Treasures: my life, my skyline

Nissan opened up a website called Drive where they created a questionnaire for Skyline owners to share their thoughts, ideas, pictures or anything related to their Skylines. They called it My Life, My Skyline. If you have a few minutes (or rather more hours) to spare you can browse all the comments by all these proud Skyline owners and sometimes you can even find a rare gem between them, like this Family Album Treasure:
Family Album Treasures: My life, my skyline C210
True Carboy style with your friends somewhere in the mid eighties. Don Johnson is playing Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice in a white suit and pink shirt. The pictures description by its uploader is “Together youth…” and there is not a better fitting description I guess. ;)

Found at: My life, My Skyline

Magazines: Carboy Magazine from may 1983

Carboy magazine has been known for its tuning specials and finding old issues really show some great and weird things! Now this old cover is interesting: Carboy Magazine showing with big letters on its cover “Goodbye 2T-G”!
Carboy Magazine may 1983
Carboy Magazine may 1983

Now what is that all about? From what I understand it speaks about TRD dropping support for the 2T-G engines. Probably in favor of the 3T-G(TE), 4AG(E) and 1G-G(TE) engines. Yeah, they were great engines too! :)

Found at monkiti1173

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