Car chases: Datsun 260Z chases Clown on Zandvoort

October 2, 2010 in Car chases by banpei

Following up yesterdays post: here is a car chase from one of the older Bassie en Adriaan episodes when they still loved the Simca based Matra Rancho. Basically the fun starts after 0:50 seconds when the clown and acrobat find out they are being followed by a Datsun 260Z wiht some thugs inside. Be prepared for some real 70s drift action (with long a haired acrobats wearing sunglasses with a funky 70s tune in the background) between a Matra Rancho and a Datsun 260Z on the Zandvoort circuit:

Also a noteworthy to mention: this isn’t the only Datsun used by the thugs. In the other episodes a Nissan Cherry and Violet are being used as chase cars. After these series Bassie en Adriaan started to drive the Prelude and the thugs started to drive Ladas. I suspect that was no coincidence. 😛