Opened up a Flickr account

Opened up a Flickr account

Apart from automotive blogs I regularly read some great photoblogs like Art pants (Will Roege and Lindbergh) and Encounters as well. Also Beeoneoneoh is a great cross-over between the two.
Being greatly inspired by the latter this week and already having plans to put my artsy-fartsy pictures somewhere for months I enroled on Flickr.

Pictures like these will turn up there:
Cloudy Distelweg squat
Backlit clouds #2
Datsun 280C double rear wiper
Not particularly pictures I’d normally post here. 😉

4 Replies to “Opened up a Flickr account”

  1. According to your Flickr description of the picture of the tire, it was apparently abandoned. Did you, ehm, “borrow” it? 😛

    By the way, the link to Beeoneoneoh links to your own site!

  2. LOL! Even though there was still thread left on the tire it was definitely too old to do anything with it…

    Fixed the link! I forgot to paste the url in there and then it automatically links to my site. Thanks for the warning! 🙂

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