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Japanese cherry blossoms in Holland

Last year I already noticed the trees next to the red Mazda Miata were Japanese cherry trees and I was hoping I could take a nice picture of the Miata with the cherry blossoms this spring. Unfortunately I only could take that picture:
Japanese cherry blossoms in Holland
Japanese cherry blossoms in Holland

As you can see: the Miata disappeared after the snow melted and a Vølvø S40 replaced it shortly afterwards. I was hoping it would return, but since the blossoms are almost dead already I really had to take this picture instead.

Dunno what happened to the red Miata. Maybe the owner got fed up with a convertible during winter time, had family expansion or even moved away. We’ll probably never know…

(btw: picture was taken with my new phonecam. Color quality is better than the crap cam, but the focus is terrible. I had to sharpen the picture twice to have as it is right now. So not a good replacement for the crapcam I guess!)

Japan Classic Sunday pictures

I finally uploaded all photos I shot at the Japan Classic Sunday 2008 last sunday!

Japan Classic Sunday 2008 gallery

Too bad I started chatting too much and didn’t shoot much pictures. I planned to do so, but all of a sudden most cars disappeared because they attended the tour around the area. So after a while me and they other AEU86 guys decided to join the tour as well.

After the tour I had to go home and I did not have any time left to shoot some more photos. :(

I will highlight the event later, and hopefully with some borrowed pics. ;)

Anyway, you can find most photos I shot here:

Edit: some more galleries:

Convert your new photos into old photos!

This terrific Japanese site can convert your new photos to old photos. It makes them look like photos taken in the 50s, 60s, 70s or even as newspaper photos from the 80s. :)

This is my previous background:
Previous background: AT140 coupe, AA63 sedan and AA63 coupe drifting

This is my new (old) background:
New background: AT140 coupe, AA63 sedan and AA63 coupe drifting somewhere in the 80s

Now it looks like it’s made on a racetrack somewhere during the 80s. I think it’s amazing! :)

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