Already beginning of the month again? Then it is time to perform another Miata hunt! This time the bit more beautiful Mazdas!

How about a nice grey NC?
Grey Mazda MX5 NC
Grey Mazda MX5 NC

Okay, I cheated a bit here… This Miata was parked in front of the Mazda (and Hyundai) dealer. Nevertheless it was blocking the sidewalk and thus right down on the street! ;)

This very nicely done NB with aftermarket rims passed me somewhere in (slow) traffic and I quickly took a picture:
Mazda MX5 NA
Mazda MX5 NB

Never saw the NB again but surely would like to take some more pictures of it.

And last one, a dark green NA with 90s aftermarket six spoke rims:
Dark green Mazda MX5 NA
Dark green Mazda MX5 NA

Parked in an industrustrial zone only 300 meters from where I live, but separated by railroad tracks.

BTW: sorry for the poor quality. I took all these pictures with my (new) phonecam but only realized afterwards how worthless it actually is!