Random: All Nissan Bluebird generations

Random: All Nissan Bluebird generations

I came across this image somewhere on images.google.com and really liked it. Nothing special or fancy about the picture, but I really liked to see all generations (and SSS models) in one single picture:
All generations of the Nissan Bluebird
All generations of the Nissan Bluebird

I have no idea why the seventh generation is actually on top… Maybe the personal preference of the person who created the picture?

Now, maybe I should try to create one with all zokusha Bluebirds? 😛

Found here:
The Bluebird Hall of Fame

5 Replies to “Random: All Nissan Bluebird generations”

  1. Great car! But didn’t they forget the U11?
    And the G10 & G11. Or maybe they don’t see the ‘Sylphy’ was a real bluebird 🙂

  2. ive got a silvia version of these same layout design etc except each model is a separate image goes from the mega old CPS311 to the 7th gen S15

    id imagine theres more around

  3. The U11 is the one right at the top…
    The person who created this images stopped at the 9th generation:
    I dun think I was “around” then 🙂
    You just don’t get to see these “birds” around here anymore.
    In Malaysia, it stopped at Gen 9

    So naturally the G10 and G11 were not in the picture.

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