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Random: All Nissan Bluebird generations

I came across this image somewhere on and really liked it. Nothing special or fancy about the picture, but I really liked to see all generations (and SSS models) in one single picture:
All generations of the Nissan Bluebird
All generations of the Nissan Bluebird

I have no idea why the seventh generation is actually on top… Maybe the personal preference of the person who created the picture?

Now, maybe I should try to create one with all zokusha Bluebirds? :P

Found here:
The Bluebird Hall of Fame


  1. B-San

    Great car! But didn’t they forget the U11?
    And the G10 & G11. Or maybe they don’t see the ‘Sylphy’ was a real bluebird :)

  2. fury-s12

    ive got a silvia version of these same layout design etc except each model is a separate image goes from the mega old CPS311 to the 7th gen S15

    id imagine theres more around

  3. xmizanx

    this is a great stuff…

  4. banpei

    The U11 is the one right at the top…
    The person who created this images stopped at the 9th generation:
    I dun think I was “around” then :)
    You just don’t get to see these “birds” around here anymore.
    In Malaysia, it stopped at Gen 9

    So naturally the G10 and G11 were not in the picture.

  5. banpei

    Cool! I’d love to see those! :)
    Got a link to them?

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