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New motorFIX AE70 wagon video

A new video by motorFIX:

It contains both their rusty AE70 wagon and an the immaculate KE70 sedan owned by one of their customers. Both cars were drifting on the YZ Circuit and they are FAST! Both cars are clearly faster than the other AE86s on the track!

The Corolla KE70 sedan should actually be called a Corolla SE70 sedan: it had a 3SGE swap from a Toyota Altezza by the motorFIX garage including its six speed gearbox. It almost got some scratches when it spun and barely missed the tirestacks. Would have been a terrible shame if that would have happened!


  1. N/Aontherun

    That KE70 is insane! The wagon too, their speeds are ridiculous… in a good way.

    I screamed at 2:38 o.O

  2. Puregroove_Org

    I get all tingly inside every time I see the motorFIX corollas doin’ it sideways. :D

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