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Video: first trackday for the MotorFIX 1UZE70!

This very first drift video of the MotorFIX Corolla 1UZE70 just got posted on Youtube. Apparently it had its maiden trackday Yesterday afternoon at the YZ Circuit.

In the first few minutes they take it gently, but after two minutes the Corolla gets really tail happy with its new engine. Unfortunately it starts to rain and you can see it gets more difficult to control the car but after a couple of laps the driver regains control.

Also notice the white Carina AA63 (with fender mirrors) trying to keep up. It is doing a good job IMO. :D

New motorFIX AE70 wagon video

A new video by motorFIX:

It contains both their rusty AE70 wagon and an the immaculate KE70 sedan owned by one of their customers. Both cars were drifting on the YZ Circuit and they are FAST! Both cars are clearly faster than the other AE86s on the track!

The Corolla KE70 sedan should actually be called a Corolla SE70 sedan: it had a 3SGE swap from a Toyota Altezza by the motorFIX garage including its six speed gearbox. It almost got some scratches when it spun and barely missed the tirestacks. Would have been a terrible shame if that would have happened!

YZ circuit: east course

I found this short video of an AE86 doing the YZ circuit last week:

The AE86 is heavily modified and got its dash replaced with a light weight thing. The gauge cluster and engine sound is recognizable and the car almost literally rips up this small circuit!

The YZ circuit was opened back in 1996 to for fill the need for a small circuit. The smaller east course was only opened august 2008, so this is a relatively new course. This course is also used for the MSC round 5 and they even have an AE86 drift king event with Hibino Tetsuya!

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