WTF: Initial D dating sim! Moero Downhill Night

WTF: Initial D dating sim! Moero Downhill Night

Moero Downhill Night 2 was my WTF moment of the week:

Yes, that is right: a downhill racing dating sim! WTF?! ?(‘?`?)?

Now, a dating sim isn’t that shocking, but keep in mind that this is an Hentai dating sim! So, cars, downhill racing, babes and X-rated scenes all together in one game? The developers must have thought why not combine all great things boys like?! And when that turned out to be a success they created this second game! ?´???

Car lineup is a nice one! Cars seen in the intro so far are: a black/red Suzuki Capuchino, a lotus Elise, a yellow Toyota Supra JZA70, a white Toyota MR2 SW20, a panda Trueno, a white Nissan Silvia S14, a Toyota Celica ST162 (?) and last but not least, a silver Nissan Skyline KPGC10! ( ? ??)

The fun part is that the game can be yours for only $24.95!

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  1. Now we get to actually goes down at the touge after the races, rofl

    I’ve heard of this Dating sim before, but didn’t have the drive to look into it. That’s hilarious!


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