Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Contest: winner of the NFS Shift

And the winner of the NFS Shift game is…
prize for the contest: nfs shift


I received no solutions at all, so either the question was too difficult or nobody actually wants NFS Shift. I hope it is the first but I actually suspect it to be the latter…


  1. B-San

    I have really no idea what tv-show that could be. Maybe some difficult Japanese car-related question would sort this out =)

  2. banpei

    That gives hope!!
    I’ll do another contest soon with an easier question then. ;)

    The answer should have been Seibu Keistatsu. A famous cop show from the early 80s featuring nice J-tin, like the Skyline RS-Turbo, Nissan Gazelle and a 280Z.

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