Moero Downhill Night 2 was my WTF moment of the week:

Yes, that is right: a downhill racing dating sim! WTF?! ?(‘?`?)?

Now, a dating sim isn’t that shocking, but keep in mind that this is an Hentai dating sim! So, cars, downhill racing, babes and X-rated scenes all together in one game? The developers must have thought why not combine all great things boys like?! And when that turned out to be a success they created this second game! ?ยด???

Car lineup is a nice one! Cars seen in the intro so far are: a black/red Suzuki Capuchino, a lotus Elise, a yellow Toyota Supra JZA70, a white Toyota MR2 SW20, a panda Trueno, a white Nissan Silvia S14, a Toyota Celica ST162 (?) and last but not least, a silver Nissan Skyline KPGC10! ( ? ??)

The fun part is that the game can be yours for only $24.95!