Yet another great video by hiroun156: an in depth video of the 1985 WRC Toyota Celica TA64! Unfortunately he is only posting parts of the whole video and the current part count is at part 2.

The video itself is not an heroic aftermath video made 20 years after, but an actual 1985 report of the 33rd Marlboro Safari Rally held that same year. The Safari Rally is one of the hardest rallies: the 1985 edition was 5167.6 km long and consisted mostly of gravel roads.

The first video:

I found two inconsistencies in this video:
1. At 8:09 the camera switches from the driver position to the navigator. At this point the interior also switches from the TA64 to an AE86! ?(???;)
2. At 8:57 you get five seconds of onboard footage. If you look carefully enough you will notice it is an AE86 by both engine sound and upper part of the dash. (????)

My guess is that they did not have the appropriate footage and filled it up with some shots they did have of the AE86…

The second video:

During a jump of the Celica I spotted that the TA64 has, in contrary of the TA63, a solid axle. I looked it up and indeed it has a solid axle:
Live axle of the Toyota Celica TA64 TCT
Live axle of the Toyota Celica TA64 TCT

Now that’s an axle! ??????

Can’t wait for the next parts to be posted!