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Hearty swapped Carina GT-TR with lots of love – Carina Sightings

Hearts and love surround this Toyota Carina GT-TR TA63. Let me explain to you why! I was split between posting this in Carina Sightings and Family Album Treasures, so I’ll post it in both.

First heart: the girlfriend

In this first photo, you can see a girl posing next to the Carina GT-TR. Her name is Kobayashi Koto (小林古都) and according to the ex-owner of this Carina in the 1990s she used to be a model in the 1980s. She was most famous for being the model featured on the 1987 Bridgestone calendar. We can only assume she used to be his girlfriend as she has her arm wrapped around him. Or at least, as much as we can see of him in that photo. She is clinging to him so much that she must have loved him very much. Unless he was in her friendzone…

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Ove Andersson and his TA64 Toyota Celica

This cool video shows how Ove Andersson’s driving is being monitored in the 4T-GTE Twincam Turbo Celica by the TRD engineers in the early 80s. Simple setups with rubberbands and pullys, a single registration unit… Back in those days state of the art technique!

I love it how easy and relaxed Ove is driving: full throttle, steering madly and driving on the edge wearing nothing more than a tiny helmet, a pair of sunglasses, a polo and shorts. And that 4T-GTE sound! Awesome!!

Video: Toyota Celica TA64 in the Safari Rally 1985 (part 2)

Time to continue with the Celica TA64 in the 1985 Safari Rally:

Funny to see how they keep the driver Juha Kankkunen cool at one of the stops: with a spray can! Of course filled with CFCs in good old 80s style!

I love the night shot in this video! You can see the Celica TA64 shining through the bush and dashing past the camera like a predator that is after its prey!

Part 5 gets a little bit boring…

And the final part includes the victory of the TA64!

Somehow I expected a lot of J-tin next to the roads in those videos like you see on modern footage from Africa, however almost all cars in those videos were Peugeots!

Video: Toyota Celica TA64 in the Safari Rally 1985 (part 1)

Yet another great video by hiroun156: an in depth video of the 1985 WRC Toyota Celica TA64! Unfortunately he is only posting parts of the whole video and the current part count is at part 2.

The video itself is not an heroic aftermath video made 20 years after, but an actual 1985 report of the 33rd Marlboro Safari Rally held that same year. The Safari Rally is one of the hardest rallies: the 1985 edition was 5167.6 km long and consisted mostly of gravel roads.

The first video:

I found two inconsistencies in this video:
1. At 8:09 the camera switches from the driver position to the navigator. At this point the interior also switches from the TA64 to an AE86! ?(???;)
2. At 8:57 you get five seconds of onboard footage. If you look carefully enough you will notice it is an AE86 by both engine sound and upper part of the dash. (????)

My guess is that they did not have the appropriate footage and filled it up with some shots they did have of the AE86…

The second video:

During a jump of the Celica I spotted that the TA64 has, in contrary of the TA63, a solid axle. I looked it up and indeed it has a solid axle:
Live axle of the Toyota Celica TA64 TCT
Live axle of the Toyota Celica TA64 TCT

Now that’s an axle! ??????

Can’t wait for the next parts to be posted!

Video: Japanese 1986 Celica advertisement #3

I found this 1986 Celica advertisement on Youtube:

It features the TA64 Celica which surprises me: the A6 Celica wasn’t sold after 1985, so why advertise with the archaic (in that era of course!) A6 triumphs instead of the new FWD or AWD Celicas, or could it be that the AWD Celicas didn’t hit the market by then?

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